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Welcome to Achieve Greatness, a holistic coaching practice with a special focus on well-being and personal mastery.


“I can honestly say my journey was life changing. I am quite a practical and structured person and thought I was going to just get a set of tools to help me get through a stressful time at work. But her work is different, it’s tailored and human. No session has ever been the same. Some sessions were practical diagrams and mindshift work, while others helped me to to go within and mull over the answers till thing shifted gently. I have so many good things to say about Michelle’s approach, she came into my life when I thought I needed a career coach, and instead I’ve got someone who’s been on a life journey of transformation with me.”

– A. Brooker | Head of Digital Marketing

Only if you are in touch with the inner-most core of who you are, will you live a complete life.