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The month of February has arrived. There is no escape from the flood of marketing and the ostentatious displays of objects that aim to represent a concept immensely complex, messy and often misdiagnosed. Love. “If it is conditional, it is not love.”– Jagadish Vasudev NOT LOVING IS MUCH SIMPLER AND FAR LESS COMPLICATED. It means …

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No one said it was easy

Nobody said it was going to be easy.Nobody said it was going to be smooth sailing.Nobody said success was guaranteed. There are hundreds of thousands of books in the world covering topics such as business, entrepreneurship, success, power, wealth, leadership, influence, branding, and marketing. The resources that are available and the access to information are …

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The best way to start your day

Starting your day off well can set a good tone for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, many people are not mindful of their habits, especially in the morning rush. Here are some very simply things to do to get each day off to a good start: Wake up with or before the sunrise A …

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